I'm a third-year student studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto, specializing in Software Engineering.

I'm a teaching assistant, an innovator, and a leader. I taught the introductory CS courses and a Software Engineering course at the University of Toronto. For more information, check out my TA page using the links above.

I also founded and currently lead the Computer Science Enrichment Club (CSEC) at the University of Toronto. We have different divisions for different areas of interst - Algorithms, Web Development, Network Security, and more! We also host monthly seminars on interesting topics like cryptocurrencies and machine learning. Come check us out at!

I've worked on various projects - spanning from self-made games to news content aggregation applications that earned over $3,000 in seed funding -- I'm always up for a challenge!

I love basketball, watching, playing it, drafting fantasy players, it's all super enjoyable to me. Catch me at a Raptors game sometime (but probably in the nosebleeds since Raptors tickets cost $$$!). I play a lot of video games too, if I'm not doing work or napping I'll probably be on Guild Wars 2, League, or PUBG.