Computer Science Enrichment Club
President, Founder

The Computer Science Enrichment Club is a student-run club located at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Our goal is to help Computer Science enthusiasts take the next step in their development as problem solvers and creative innovators. We want to develop student’s analytical, algorithmic, and creative thinking skills and help students to learn about applications of computer science outside of university, in events such as hackathons or endeavors like personal projects.

As the President, I am responsible for all events, logistics, and operations of the club. I manage the finances, plan out the events, communicate with AMACSS, professors, and the Department of Student Life and the Scarborough Campus Student's Union to make our club thrive. I also acted as a primary lecturer that created and delivered the content of the organization to its individual members, as well as co-ordinating the other executive members. I also wrote the syllabus, constitution, and organized the curriculum to be covered every semester.

Crimson Tide Dragon Boat Team
Technical Director, Member

The Crimson Tide is the University of Toronto Scarborough's official Dragon Boat team. Dragon boat is a team-based paddling sport. With a full boat of twenty members, we train our technique, speed, and synergy. Over the course of the year, we attend many boating races called regattas.

We hold a number of practices a week concentrating on increasing overall physical fitness and having tons of fun at the same time. Not only do we work hard but we play hard too. Throughout the year we have clubbing/pubbing events, board game nights, movie nights, socials, parties, etc. We've attended the Milton regatta and the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival in 2016, and we have bigger and better plans for the upcoming season.

As Technical Director of the Crimson Tide, I budget, make spreadsheets, conduct surveys, and design and maintain our official website as well as act as a technical correspondent to anyone who may have issues or concerns.

Association of Mathematical and Computer Science Students
Computer Science Representative

The Association of Mathematical and Computer Science Students (AMACSS) is a Departmental Student Association - a student-led organization with a specific academic focus. AMACSS works with students in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences stream to help explain key concepts, review for exams, host seminars, and organize networking and gaming events.

As a Computer Science Representative, I served as liaison with the executives for all students in the Computer Science Stream at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. I identified concerns from Computer Science students and brought them to the attention of appropriate figures within the association. I also organized and hosted several review seminars for midterms. In these review seminars, we covered past midterms, key concepts, as well as potential exam questions.

As the Programming Club lead, I managed all relations between AMACSS and the Programming Club (Computer Science Enrichment Club). I ran, organized, promoted, and did all the administrative work to make the two clubs work in sync, whether it be hosting joint socials or sharing opportunities.