Graphics Rendering Engine

(2018) A 2D/3D ray tracing graphics rendering engine that handles depth of field, reflection, refraction, antialiasing, multithreading, area light sources, soft shadows, and other cool features. Also contains the ability to render scenes using path tracing instead of ray tracing. Uses Phong Illumination model to compute lighting.

Tags: C, Ray Tracing, Path Tracing


(2018) A project to classify transient images as supernovae. Tried various approaches such as feature engineering, using Random Forest, XGBoost, augmented data sets, and convolutional neural networks to improve accuracy and decrease misdetection/false positive rates.
Tags: Python, Spark, Keras, Pandas, XGBoost, Convolutional Neural Network, Jupyter Notebook

Let Me Know

(2017) Trusted news aggregation platform that provides succint summaries and sentiment analysis of trending news. Blacklists sensationalist and politically biased sites while providing relevant social media insights and whitelisted further readings -- no more fake news!
Tags: Python, Django, Angular, Reddit, facebook, Twitter, Bing, Microsoft Cognitive Services


(2016) Strategy game written with @Gabriel featuring turn-based action, items, unique characters, and cool fighting mechanics.

Tags: Java, Websockets, Raphael.js, React.js, AWS, Java Swing


(2016) High Fantasy adventure game with sprites from League of Legends, Fire Emblem, and RPG Maker XP. Challenge bosses, complete quests, earn unique and powerful armor and weapons.
Play by downloading the JAR file here

Tags: Java, Animation, Game Design

Trash Smash

(2015) Galaga-inspired shooter made for the City of Toronto's Waste Management Services. Play as a spaceship using different types of guns (recycle, garbage, compost) to defeat the invading trash!
Play by downloading the JAR file here

Tags: Java, Animation, Multithreading, Game Design

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