Brian Chen

Software Engineer   Web Developer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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  • Experienced in software development and implementing efficient algorithms/data structures
  • Proficient in C++, Java, and Python through multiple years of decorated sports programming
  • Fluent with HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, SQL, and AJAX through personal and professional experience
  • Competent with C, UNIX/Linux systems, Shell script, VBScript, and TCP/IP Networking

Professional Experience

2016 - Present
University of Toronto
Teaching Assistant
  • Taught CSCA08 (Introduction to Computer Science) to a class of over twenty undergraduate students featuring topics such as logic, conditional statements, classes, data structures, functions, scope, and unit testing in the Python language.
  • Provided ongoing student aid in tutorial sessions, office hours, and through an interactive tutorial section of my website.
  • Hosted practical sessions where students could tackle example problems and solve more challenging problems to increase their learning.

Ivy Global
Software Development Intern
  • Led the development of a New SAT test simulation and academic feedback tool by using JavaScript, AJAX, ASP and T-SQL which eventually deployed to live.
  • Used T-SQL and ASP on a WAMP stack to build the back-end of Ivy Global’s college placement and information sites which dynamically predicts and matches students to viable colleges based on SAT scores and academic standing
  • Identified and fixed a particular server bug which had been reoccurring for over two years, improving server uptime by 3%.
  • Built redundancies and security measures to prevent malicious SQL injection and cross-origin scripting attacks.

Relevant Experience

2016 - Present
Computer Science Enrichment Club
President, Founder
  • Oversaw activities including event organization, responsibility management and delegation, and promotion/branding.
  • Devloped and delivered workshops on various topics like Web and Android development, and professional portfolios.
  • Taught classes of over a hundred university students concepts such as: data structures, dynamic programming, algorithmic analysis, graph theory, and problem solving paradigms, most of the concepts being taught through the syntax of C++.

2016 - Present
Association for Mathematical and Computer Science Students
Computer Science Representative
  • Served as a liaison between students and administrative staff to address and resolve over 300 student concerns and ideas.
  • Held weekly office hours to explain and consolidate key ideas covered during lecture. Organized and hosted several review seminars for midterms and finals with over four hundred Computer Science students attending.


2016 - Present
University of Toronto
HBSc. Honors Bachelor of Science
  • Maintaining a cum-laude cumulative GPA in the Co-op Honors Specialist in Software Engineering Computer Science stream.
  • University courses completed include: Introduction to Computer Science, Software Design, Systems Programming and Software Tools, Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Calculus for Mathematical Sciences, Discrete Math, and Linear Algebra.


  • 1st Place, 2015 Toronto Operations Research Challenge (TORCH)
  • 1st Place, 2015 Marc Garneau Advanced Mathematics Contest
  • 1st place, 2014 ECOO TDSB Board-wide and Regional Computer Programming Contests
  • 2nd Place, 2014 EdAppHack – MaRS Discovery District x TDSB Hackathon
  • All Star, 2014 American Computer Science League Finals


  • Competitive Programming: Active on sites such as TopCoder, Codeforces, and ProjectEuler (my handle is  Avarrocka ).
  • Exercise: I love playing Basketball (play pickup, watch NBA, play fantasy). I am also a member of the UTSC Dragon Boat Team, the Crimson Tide. We compete at multiple regattas including the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival.
  • Hackathons: I love creating and innovating at Hackathons. As of now, I've attended over eight different Hackathons in total, including Hack The North, UofTHacks, SportsHackWeekend, and MHacks.